Buried Souls

by Albion

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Undertale 06:19
Once upon a time When magic was alive There were two noble races That ruled over earth Coexisting with unease Divided but at peace Lay the kingdom of monsters And kingdom of men But the humans feared for their own frailty The power of monsters with a human soul Their attack was sudden and merciless Without warning or control - no Without a single death The final force was sent Seven masters of magic To seal them away With surrender made at last The barrier was cast And the humans rejoiced For the dawn of the day When the world they fought Was gone and buried The mountain sealing All their shame away And as time went past Human life outlasted The memory of the war Our history evolved into legend The legend evolved into myth All that was left was the story Of the monsters who once shared the earth The souls that are drawn to the mountain Climb up there and never return But one human soul stays Determined without end In this world your soul is powerful As the heart of life or death Through love and hate Deciding fate A power beyond belief Sing the legend of the undertale And the child who fell from earth The mountain and the tale that lies beneath We were buried And forgotten So many lives ago Climb the mountain That entraps us And we'll see the sky once more They have buried Not just monsters But lives and hearts as well When our time comes We will take their souls And make our return Sing once again Of the war between monsters and men Keep belief within your heart And hold on to your soul In this world your soul is powerful... The tale of the hidden hearts Shining in darkness Buried souls The tale that lies beneath
Child of the kingdom Prince of the monsters Raised with the fallen human Victim of malice Killed by deception Walked a false path to freedom Waking reborn as a flower Trapped unmoving in the ground All alone And he cried out to the darkness For a sympathetic soul But nobody came Brought back to life But robbed of emotion Feeling no love For the ones he once knew Missing a soul But strong and determined He found eternal life Now he's here Exploring every timeline Walking every path He kills for curiosity Restoring and repeating Driven by a force The child who stole his soul Kill or be killed The law of the underground Fear or be feared The choice is on you Kill or be killed The memories misguiding your soul With flowers of gold You'll kill or be killed Throughout the underground he hides And in the corner of your eye You'll see his twisted smile Hear whispers in your mind Together you could end it all Repeat the other human's fall Another tale from down below Another flower takes your soul Determination takes a hold of you And now the world's no longer His to command Through every timeline Every universe He's seen it all Knows how this story must end Kill or be killed... Turn them to dust once again Here there's no trust in a friend The memories misguiding your soul With flowers of gold You'll kill or be killed
Delta Rune 04:52
Years ago In forced retreat We braved the ice and searing heat Till we came to the place we now call home Here below Away from light We suffer in eternal night But we wait for the sign to bring us home In these halls beneath the earth We will struggle on and wait for the angel Signs delivering our fate When they descend on holy wings And we live and die under skies of stone The ruins on to the king's new home To redeem us all and restore our lives The prophecy decides Delta rune Years went past Our sadness grew We saw another meaning, too That the angel could bring our final day Living on With no reply We're withered by the march of time And we turn into dust and fade away In these halls beneath the earth... And we live and die under skies of stone The ruins on to the king's new home To erase the world and to take our lives The prophecy decides Delta rune The one who's seen the surface Will reappear again The underground will empty Silence will remain Angel of death or justice Descending down from earth To free us from our torment Or from this mortal realm Live and die under skies of stone The ruins on to the king's new home To redeem us all or to take our lives The prophecy decides In the end, the toll of the bell will sound The final flight from the underground To redeem us all or to take our lives The prophecy decides Delta rune An angel of death or light To end our eternal night Rain fire into our tomb The word of the delta rune
Humans live without Compassion, love or hope They'll never know the magic Buried in our souls There's weakness in their strength Their souls' persistence after death A power we can take from those Who tread within our home Without sight of the angel we're lost We waste in the dark and then crumble to dust In desperate hope, we all look to the king To break down the walls from within Seven human souls Seven hearts to break against the wall Force of those who fell To fuse and free us all From the underground We'll rise again To break down the barrier And pay back their pain Finally end these years untold Return to the light With seven human souls Thousands of years ago We wished upon the stars They stole the sky from us And left us in the dark And we will not forget We'll strike them down without regret With seven souls in hand We will retake what should be ours Seven human souls... From the underground... Just beyond the garden Where the golden flowers gleam There behind the barrier The souls of children dream Lined up in their chamber Still persisting after life Six have been the sacrifice With one more they'll combine King Asgore will set us free King Asgore will give us hope Light our way from the underground King Asgore will save us all From the underground... The king in the mountain Holds all but one soul He carries the weight of his sins on his back Their lives for the fate of us all Now the children of monsters are lost He's reaping revenge for us all Our years in the darkness Will come to an end We wait for the seventh to fall To restart the war
I couldn't say What I was truly feeling Just knew I'd always been so Helpless and wrong in my form By chance I found her And she showed me wonders She worked her miracles And from metal and magic My life was reborn Without shame Without blame Without apologies To those who say I can't be who I am Her genius brings to life What once was a dream A perfect harmony Of man and machine To come alive inside The body I desire A shining star To be eternally admired Now beyond my wildest dreams I'm shining Want all the underground To see me, a star in their eyes Give the people what they want I'll dazzle with my shine I'll light their darkened spirits Raise them high Without shame... Her genius brings to life... Shining in the sun The greatest spotlight of them all The surface waits for me I'll captivate them without war I only need this human soul To break out on my own My dreams can't wait for anyone Her genius brings to life... From ghosts I rise Becoming man and machine To come alive inside... Her genius brings to life...
Lost Symbols 05:38
A monument shining in dusk Mechanical wonder in neon and steel A fountain of energy, magic and light Where silent I disappeared Beware the broken man Who speaks in cryptic hands To those who stare into the code And understand the signs The fragments of his soul Are scattered throughout time Shining through the fractures left behind Lost symbols in the underground They're waiting for those Who would dare to discover Lost mysteries that can't be found Disguise a soul now exchanged for another Scattered in the threads of time Torn apart yet still alive Watching you and speaking through The symbols left behind Roll the dice and you'll see the signs Disappearing souls you almost recognize As you approach The missing words you'll hear Sixty-six is the key to me So come and open up The door that few can see For just a second the fragments show me Then I disappear Beware the broken man... Lost symbols in the underground... Timelines shifting Twining, twisting Ending just to start again Sins undone Determination Saved in time, transcending death Lost symbols in the underground...
Qbja orybj gur pvgl Jurer gur yvtug vf pbyq naq qvz Perngherf jvgubhg anzr Ner cnlvat sbe gur fva Abg qrnq abe nyvir Va n qnex naq gbkvp ervta Amalgamated nightmares Gung snvyrq gb ernpu gur nvz Qnzarq gb jnyx gur avtug Npprff gb gur jbeyq nobir qravrq Ybfg jvgubhg n pher Ohg nf ybat nf jr ner fgnaqvat V'yy raqher Ba gung irel qnl Tbq unf ghearq njnl Rira gubhtu V cenl Urne zl jbeqf Urny zr, urny zl fpnef V'z ybatvat sbe crnpr Urny zr, urny zl cnva Naq yrg zr jnyx gur qnlyvtug ntnva She challenged mortal nature Va gur ubcr gb erirny Determination's power And the force of life to steal Transformed and fused together The disfigured subjects crawl Locked deep beneath the underground Within the true lab's walls Ybpxrq hc va gur avtug Npprff gb gur yvtug nobir qravrq Pna'g lbh urne zl pel Yrg hf yvir be qvr Ybatvat sbe fnyingvba Frg hf serr Urny zr, urny zl fpnef... Ba gung irel qnl... Urny zr, urny zl fpnef...
Seeds of madness grow in this void Chara, chaos, Asriel in soul Pages gone, realities destroyed Wall of nightmares rises up Facing him alone In his world you'll feel Determination's influence In the end you'll see There is no god but him Let your soul embrace the void Here in his world, unearthly void He is god and you're his toy And he forms himself from nightmares More than humans could withstand Far outside memory's confines Broken segments out of time Save the children Call their hearts back to your hand Stand to save our souls No return to rules of the game Determination now belongs to him alone Overwrite your chances to be saved Omega transformation, power from the souls As you call to the souls Lost in the darkness Anger dissolves They come to your aid With the strength of the souls Fighting through madness Lost hearts could be reclaimed Here in his world, unearthly void... And now there's no way out He'll tear you to pieces All over again You'll writhe and shout out loud You cried to the darkness But nobody came A fight to bring back time The souls of the children And all that we know Until you fall and die You're facing down The madness of his soul Here in his world, unearthly void...
A last goodbye and I'm ready to leave How I've waited for this day to come See the sun again Resplendent in the sky The power hidden in one human soul Became our angel from above Broke the spell That kept the monsters From the light Millenniums of the dark We suffered now are gone Now the light has come We're standing at the edge The rise of a new dawn Voices from the underground Can you hear the sound of our souls As we awake from the night Jubilant and glorious Each and every one of us Breaking through And back to the light The seal of the monsters Is shattered And silence remains A bright new future Lies ahead of us all Will you come and Lead us on our way Through the golden age Of peace that's now begun Now there's a whole New world to explore No dire memory can take away All the light And the sound And the life That we live in the sun Determination kept a hold on you It lives within your soul And led the monsters to the sun Voices from the underground... Centuries' shadows fade away The sun greets the end Of the age of darkness The seal of the monsters Is shattered We're finally home From the moment we rise Till the end of all time We all welcome the golden light of day Nothing stands in the way Of our hopes and our dreams Voices from the underground... Centuries' shadows fade away...
[i. Reunion] [Asriel] Here we are He fell to this place The human who started This tale of the cave Now here I stand And I will remain Preventing their heartbreak All over again So go now and leave me behind You reached through the darkness to find The tale Concealed by the facade The story told at last The truth of it all All the souls of the mountain Left from the night But still you refused to go You appeared to me here In the glow of the light From flowers that caught my soul [Frisk] I followed his heart through the caves To learn the words of the tale still untold He fought back the first child who fell And he learned you'll kill or be killed But now I see his face His living form His true self revealed once again It hurts Still even though I know A child without a soul Can never be saved The prince of the underground Turned me away And left me no choice but to go An innocent soul who Accepted his fate To vanish in time But I can't let him fade Give him up and obey Release this trace of his soul Though the tale's at its end I must walk the path again It's not enough to save the world [ii. Salvation] Time has come The end of darkness Rising from the underground War averted, light restored By the angel of salvation Now - as I watch The souls emerging Climbing back to life again I remain determined still That I'll find the chance to save him Still every timeline I could see or comprehend Led me the same way And to here I would return But there's no way That I can let this be the end It's not enough to save the world Lost in the night But still he survives I'll tear apart time So his heart never dies As they cast off their chains Just one soul remains Asriel must be saved Walk against the streams of time And try to find some other way Made my choice to start things over Rending worlds, shattering timelines Break apart the happy ending Start the cycle once again Every path will fade away But the one that's laid before us Still every timeline... Lost in the night... There is a power Human hearts hold deep inside I felt it when I fought him And my soul refused to die The will to keep living The resolve to change fate The strength to survive Determination I will find the final soul If it takes a million tries I'll keep on coming back Exploring the fractures in time Make my choice, reset the world Discard the freedom I had earned To find true endings for us all For us all Still every timeline... It's not enough It's not enough to save the world No! [iii. Trepidation] I've kept them trapped Inside the cycle kept unseen I'm losing count of times I've pushed away their dreams And as I hesitate They start to realize I feel them watching Accusation in their eyes As images bleed over timelines Their hearts plead to stop my pursuit Accept living on in the light But I refuse Cause in the twilight I see the cavern where he fell And I'm determined To find an ending for us all Here on the surface They have the ending that they all deserve Can my conscience let me walk it back And steal the sun again And the buried souls draw me back before Through the underground I will walk once more And the dust of time rises up again Choices realign and the tale begins Can one last life stolen by golden flowers Finally return to the light And his soul emerge on the surface With us all With the buried souls [iv. Determination] I woke too late to change the course Of his life and final fate Need to break through time Before the cave where I always wake Draw the power that haunts these halls Where the broken man once fell Trust my soul to time And finally rewrite the tale Turn the timeline back still further Take the place of the first child to fall Every repetition makes me stronger I will fuel my obsession and follow the call Break the rules of the timeline and rescue them all I feel determination Beating in my soul Through the impossible I'll try to break once more The tale is over Yet the pages turn again It's not enough to save the world Lost in the night... The prince of the monsters Remember his name I won't let time turn While his soul still burns Asriel must be saved


A tribute to Undertale by Toby Fox, and his wonderful world.


released July 30, 2018

BURIED SOULS music and lyrics by David Newton @DavidXNewton

Inspired by (and passages from) Toby Fox's UNDERTALE

Music and lyrics by Piet Sielck

Amazing booklet artwork by MylaFox @MylaFox

THUNDERSNAIL inspired by Quindicesima Lunæ

Flowey vocals on KILL OR BE KILLED by Celine Kalante @Kjorteo

Asriel vocals on ASRIEL MUST BE SAVED by PepperCoyote @PepperCoyote


all rights reserved



Albion Boston, Massachusetts

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